Gorilla Launches New Integration with MuleSoft

Benny Hermans
March 29, 2023
3 min

Gorilla’s new MuleSoft Certified Connector on the Anypoint Exchange helps companies create seamless digital experiences, faster.

Gorilla announced a new MuleSoft Certified Connector for Gorilla. Accessible on the Anypoint Exchange, this new connector will allow companies to simplify integration to Gorilla and to produce orchestration scenarios that enable better pricing and forecasting for sales teams.

With the MuleSoft Certified Connector for Gorilla, customers can:

  • Remove the guesswork when integrating with Gorilla as the components are already configured to expect certain inputs;
  • Provide a set of operations, based on the Gorilla API, that can be utilized in MuleSoft flows;
  • Provide clear visibility of output formats so that companies can then use this to perform required transformations;
  • Enable companies to easily use preset authentication configurations without having to include additional dependencies in projects to facilitate authentication and authorization.
“We are happy to release a MuleSoft Certified Connector for Gorilla. The Gorilla Connector will significantly simplify integration to Gorilla for MuleSoft customers. Gorilla is an open and integration-first solution, and having a connector with MuleSoft will help our customers augment their transactional systems with Gorilla’s data processing capabilities.”

Ruben Van den Bossche, CEO at Gorilla.

“Industries are facing new demands that push them to accelerate the pace of digital transformation. Gorilla’s integration allows MuleSoft customers to enable teams to integrate apps and data and automate business processes, to innovate faster and enable game-changing customer and employee experiences.”

Dan McAllister, Senior Vice President of Global Alliances and Channels, Salesforce.

MuleSoft customers can learn more about MuleSoft Certified Connector for Gorilla by visiting Mulesoft’s Anypoint Exchange or the product page on our website.

Gorilla customers can learn more about how Mulesoft helps them integrate data from siloed apps and systems faster and automate complete workflows more efficiently on the MuleSoft website.

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About Gorilla

Gorilla is a software scale-up shaping the future of energy retail by empowering energy companies to unlock the advantages of business-critical data and to improve both speed and accuracy for pricing, forecasting and reporting.

Offering a cloud-based engine and powerful data processing platform that automates the process of data collection, transformation, processing and analysis, Gorilla’s platform tailors effortlessly to energy retailers’ needs and helps them to deliver new offerings to their customers.

Gorilla strongly believes that data is one of the building blocks for innovation and net zero transformation. With Gorilla energy retailers are set to invigorate their net zero ambitions and to be in the driver’s seat on the road to a greener, more sustainable future.

Find out what Gorilla can do for you

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