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The energy market is moving away from traditional supply chains to embrace a distributed energy model. This evolution includes the widespread deployment of digital meters, ushering in a new era of data-driven insights and the need to process massive amounts of data.

Is your in-house technology portfolio ready for the upcoming data tsunami?

In the energy retail sector, data is commonly distributed, diverse, and fragmented, limiting its capacity to unlock business value. One significant factor contributing to this limitation is the prevalent use of spreadsheets or in-house data science tools. However, it doesn't stop there, as these systems come with a set of challenges:


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Hard to integrate

Streamlining diverse digital systems, from billing to CRM, presents hurdles like data inconsistencies, inefficiencies, and fragmented customer information. Moreover, it results in a lot of manual work to input and output data from several sources and systems and impacts data quality as results can get lost or adapted.

Limited performance

Spreadsheets and in-house systems are built to deal with hundreds of inputs, but they are struggling to handle massive amounts of data. With more and more smart meters getting installed, IT departments are hitting a wall, knowing they need better performance.

Need for data talent

Maintaining and developing coded solutions necessitates a well-equipped team with sufficient data talent. However, finding the right talent has become increasingly challenging, leading to prolonged and often frustrating hiring procedures.

Lack of traceability

Business teams often create 'works-on-my-computer' models for flexibility. However, these models rely heavily on individual expertise, leading to knowledge loss if that person leaves. Additionally, changes made post-final calculations are untraceable, making these tools not audit-proof.

Is your in-house built landscape ready for the upcoming data tsunami?

Data and analytics leaders are recognizing the importance of adopting comprehensive solutions to address the diverse challenges in data management. It's crucial for them to establish the foundational technology that will serve as the backbone of their company in the next decade. Key aspects such as governance, observability, metadata, and system integration are prominent topics of discussion in this new era of cloud architecture and data ecosystems.

Future-proof your systems and choose to:


Automate your data flow and integrate data-processing power into your systems.


Benefit from cloud architecture that enables auto-scaling for industry-leading performance.

Speed up

Get fast time to value with code-free out-of-the-box solutions, empowering your business users.


Enable users to configure their applications autonomously within set boundaries.

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