Customer Success Manager

London, England


We're at a turning point in history. Climate change is changing the world faster than ever before. Utilities will play a crucial role in the transformation of our society to fight climate change and become carbon-neutral, while at the same time making sure people and businesses can continue to use energy supply like they've been used to for so many years.

At Gorilla, we're determined to not stay aside, but to make a real impact on the utility industry by providing data services that allow utilities to play the role they need to play in the quest for a net-zero society. By building something that solves a real problem, and by being the best at what we do.

Your role

As a Customer Success Manager, your pivotal role revolves around ensuring customer satisfaction throughout their journey, from pre-launch to post-go-live. You establish robust connections with key customer stakeholders, fostering trust and rapport.

Your commitment extends to deeply understanding our customers' business aspirations, pain points, and challenges. This insight allows you to tailor solutions effectively to their unique needs, ultimately maximizing the value they derive from our product.

Ownership of the customer relationship, spanning from Sales through to Support and beyond, is central to your role. You are the essential liaison between customers and internal teams, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration. This ensures customer needs are met at every step.

Innovation and client satisfaction drive your work. Actively gathering feedback and insights, you fuel improvements and innovations, leveraging data analytics and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) to demonstrate the value of our SaaS product. This data-driven approach highlights tangible benefits, reinforcing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions.

To maximize product value, you empower customers to harness our product's full potential. Providing training sessions, resources, and best practices, you ensure they use our product optimally. You act as a trusted advisor, enabling customers to achieve their goals and drive success.

Coordination is key in your role. As a crucial liaison between customers and internal teams, you orchestrate seamless handovers from sales to delivery and support. Effective communication and collaboration are your hallmarks, ensuring consistent and exceptional customer experiences.

Finally, you maintain robust procedures, meticulous documentation, and comprehensive issue records, fostering knowledge sharing within the team. This systematic approach enhances our ability to deliver a consistent and exemplary customer experience.

Your responsibilities

  • You'll forge robust connections with key customer stakeholders, fostering trust and rapport.
  • Your dedication lies in comprehending our customer's business aspirations, pain points, and challenges intimately.
  • Your core focus is on ensuring our customers achieve success by extracting the utmost value from our product.
  • You will take responsibility for the customer relationship, spanning from Sales through to Support and extending beyond
  • You will be the liaison between our customers and and our internal teams, whether it is with our delivery teams, sales & marketing or our product team
  • You are an enabler for innovation and further client satisfaction and feed-up innovations to our product team
  • You will delve into data analytics and reporting, focusing on tracking KPIs to effectively demonstrate the value of our SaaS product to customers
  • You will be tasked with spearheading the growth of our customer success initiatives within the company, laying the groundwork for enduring customer relationships and success.


  • Experience in support or customer success at a B2B software company, ideally with a focus on building strong customer relationships.
  • Industry knowledge, especially in the utility industry, is a significant advantage. A passion for data can compensate if this industry knowledge is lacking.
  • Active advocacy for our clients' challenges and a commitment to enabling innovation within the organization.
  • Ability to establish rapport and trust with clients while consistently prioritizing their best interests.
  • Quick learning ability, enabling the rapid absorption of new information, including product and country pack features, and project details.
  • Punctuality, organizational skills, attention to detail, and expertise in task prioritization and efficient management.
  • Impeccable English language skills, with proficiency in other languages considered a valuable asset.
  • Experience with Atlassian tools, such as JIRA and Confluence, is a plus.


You become part of an ambitious organisation and an enthusiastic team with a mindset to win! As Gorilla is growing at an incredible pace, you can leave your mark - growing alongside Gorilla.

We actively challenge ourselves and our colleagues, in order to always improve our skills, methodology and capabilities. Lifelong learning is essentially embedded in our organisation, and we care about your individual dreams and ambitions, beyond just work.

On top of that, our remuneration approach is clear and no-nonsense, just like our feedback culture and personal development approach. You'll be able to join a team from wherever you'd like to work - equipped with the best technology for remote work. We'll provide access to an office space near you whenever you like, as well as frequent travels to meet your colleagues in person, making sure you'll never feel lonely.

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