Gorilla announces their partnership with Wipro

Willem Torfs
January 21, 2021

The utility industry is evolving rapidly to meet the needs of a changing world. Global communities are transitioning to planet-friendly fuels, while end-users are choosing low-carbon lifestyles, homes and offices. Technological innovation and investments are helping the industry adapt, from microgrids, at-scale energy storage and DER orchestration to digital and data capabilities that enable energy and water companies to reinvent themselves while delivering superior performance.

Wipro has helped global utility leaders navigate this journey and achieve positive outcomes for more than two decades. The strategic partnership between Wipro and Gorilla enables utilities to create best-in-class solutions for critical elements of the value chain and offer next-gen solutions to customers around the world.

Gorilla is a cutting-edge cloud platform built for scale. With solutions for energy pricing, forecasting and reporting, Gorilla automate data collection, transformation, processing, and analysis for large energy retailers. Gorilla’s data-driven approach unlocks insight into and control over margins, risks and costs in the end-to-end utility customer lifecycle.

By combining Wipro’s end-to-end domain consulting, system integration and services capabilities with Gorilla’s cutting-edge technology platform, utility companies can leverage a powerful platform to reimagine their business models and provide an unmatched customer experience

“The 2020 reset offers every player in the energy value-chain opportunities to slingshot their businesses to a desirable future. Wipro, with its Born-on-the-Cloud strategy for Energy & Utilities, is empowering the customers across value-chain to re-imagine their solution approaches. Wipro’s partnership with Gorilla will add much-needed Pricing, Forecasting and Billing capabilities using truly Born-on-the-Cloud Gorilla technologies.”

Shirish Patil, General Manager, Utilities Domain Consulting, Wipro

“There has never been a better time to invest in the digitisation of operations. At Gorilla, we believe the core of this innovation can be found in better management of data streams, rather than business functions or processes. This is why we built our platform with the sole mission to empower slow-moving transactional systems with data-heavy business processing functions. In Gorilla’s partnership with Wipro, we found a partner with an extensive network and proven track record of successful complex implementations.”

Ruben Van den Bossche, Founder & Managing Director, Gorilla

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