Gorilla and Yü Energy announce partnership

Benny Hermans
November 8, 2022
2 min

We are proud to announce our partnership with Yü Energy. Behind the scenes, we have been working with them to discover how to best integrate our Gorilla engine. Safe to say we convinced them of the value we create with a speedy delivery of profiling, forecasting, pricebooks and bespoke pricing for electricity and gas. Together we have also committed to an integrated sales journey using Salesforce.

The flexibility of Gorilla enables Yü Energy to not only take new products to market faster but also to tailor existing offerings to their customers. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership. Going forward we can’t wait to unleash the full power of their data to challenge the changing market of energy retail.

Gorilla enables us to deliver our Digital by Default programme by offering dynamic and scalable real-time pricing, whilst providing us with the insight, science, and technology to identify and deliver opportunities to create value. The flexibility of Gorilla gives us the scope to quickly take new products to market and tailor our existing offerings for our customers.”

Josh Sanders, Pricing & Commercial Manager at Yü Energy

“I am delighted Yü Energy has put its trust in Gorilla. This new partnership confirms our approach in the way our solutions are being used to address how the energy retail business is changing.
Much like Gorilla Yü Energy started off as a challenger that’s turning heads in the market. We are happy working with them as they are now growing into being a leading retailer.“

Ruben Van Den Bossche, Founder and CEO at Gorilla:

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