Gas South chooses Gorilla as pricing solution partner.

Benny Hermans
August 29, 2023
2 min

We are thrilled to announce that Gas South, a leading Natural Gas provider based in Atlanta, Georgia, has chosen Gorilla as its pricing solution partner.

At Gorilla, we are dedicated to empowering energy providers with solutions to develop dynamic pricing strategies and actionable insights to thrive in today's rapidly changing markets. Our applications provide enterprises with the capability to process complex data sets with advanced algorithms through an intuitive user interface.

With competition and innovation continuing to evolve, we recognise the importance of delivering accurate and timely pricing at scale, while at the same time enhancing customer satisfaction. Put simply, our software solves many of the unique challenges energy providers face and helps companies like Gas South stay ahead of their competition.

Our team is excited to work closely with Gas South to develop strategies that meet their specific needs and drive their business forward. We look forward to taking our partnership from strength to strength.

"We are excited to partner with Gorilla as we embark on our sales and pricing transformation journey. The speed and flexibility of their platform’s capability will optimize our pricing strategies, enabling us to better serve our customers and achieve success in a competitive energy market. This partnership underscores our dedication to continuous growth and adaptation."

Robin Barfield, VP of Structured Products and Risk

We are delighted to welcome Gas South as our first US customer. This collaboration is a testament to Gorilla's commitment to delivering unparalleled pricing solutions and transforming businesses. We are confident that our platform's capabilities will empower Gas South to set new industry standards and drive exceptional customer experiences in the energy sector.

Ruben Van den Bossche, CEO of Gorilla

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