Gorilla’s Meter Data Hub, the MDMS of the future

Willem Torfs
May 5, 2021
4 min

Our world’s deadline for an energy transition slides closer every day, keeping the C-suite of our utility customers awake at night. Figuring out the best next step to stay on course towards 2050 has become a constant responsibility.

Well-organised, accessible, and clean data is, and will always be, an absolute cornerstone to stay in the race.

At Gorilla, this means we have a responsibility to offer not just pricing and forecasting solutions but to radically improve meter data management systems (MDM systems for short) as well.

Today, MDM systems are, for the most part, legacy solutions. They are outdated. In most cases, these systems are built for vertically integrated utility markets. This implies a big chunk of the functionality is not relevant to the UK market.

The incumbent MDM systems were often bought as functional systems, equipped to perform a much wider array of tasks than what it is used for.

Furthermore, most of these systems were bought on an expensive, perpetual licence model basis, including hefty support and maintenance fees disproportional with the number of core tasks that are actually being performed.

The core responsibility of an MDM system in today’s market is providing read data -a register- to billing systems, storing smart meter usage and technical data such as; device configuration,  alerts and alarms. Most of this data is then provided to other reporting systems, analytics tools and portals to be combined with other data sources such as customer data.

More complex tasks, like framing of interval data for time-of-use-billing, are still needed very rarely, and should not be represented in the price tag of your MDM system until you start using them. You deserve better data management, at a more democratic cost.

CGI, a leading IT and business service provider for utilities in the UK, share our view that utilities are suffering from bloated, overpriced, and cluttered MDM systems. By combining CGI’s deep industry expertise with the inherent data capabilities of Gorilla, together we created a UK-specific solution.

Today, we are very proud to launch our joint proposition. The powerful combination of CGI’s DCC Adapter and Gorilla’s Meter Data Hub, resulting in a more straightforward, future-proof MDM system fit for utilities in 2021 and beyond.

Gorilla’s Meter Data Hub includes the three essential basics of a meter data management system. This means the golden standard in estimation, validation and storage of all collected metering data.

Moreover, it includes the flexibility and accessibility that our customers have come to expect of the Gorilla platform, offering features like custom reporting, advanced data querying, visualisation options, and both connectors and full API access to feed your data into the portal or transactional tool of your choice.

Like any Gorilla solution, we pride ourselves on unparalleled scalability and performance. The Meter Data Hub is run on state-of-the-art cloud technologies, handling millions of meters and tens of millions of calculations in minutes, rather than days.

Thanks to  CGI’s DCC Adapter, which flawlessly manages your connection to the DCC, we can now offer you a one-stop shop for all your metering data management needs. Both components are SaaS, giving you the comfort of deploying in a matter of weeks, not years.

Welcome to the future, we look forward to working with you.

Excited? Hungry for a demo? Curious to learn how this works together with forecasting, quoting, and billing determinant calculations in Gorilla? Get ready for Market wide Half Hourly Settlements today by booking your 15 minute call down below.

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