Is data a differentiator or a struggle for your company?

Willem Torfs
May 21, 2019
3 min

Digital technology is changing rapidly, but the enterprise IT landscape has long been spared by significant disruption. Apart from the upcoming of SaaS software such as Salesforce, and lift and shift operations to the cloud to enable operational efficiencies, traditional CRM and ERP systems are still omnipresent in today’s large enterprises. And for good reason: the technology underpinning these systems was -and is- extremely suitable for transactional processing.

In parallel, however, new technologies have been arising, initially at only a handful of players such as Amazon, Google or Netflix. They have been confronted with an enormous explosion of data they had to process in their internet-scale applications. Necessity drives innovation, causing NoSQL databases, data processing clusters and data pipelines to pop up at a rapid pace.

The increase of data is now spreading beyond just the members of FAANG, trickling slowly into today’s enterprises. The technologies that once excelled in performing ordinary CRM or ERP tasks such as quoting, pricing or billing are now struggling to do so, as soon as they’re confronted with a large amount of data such as the one caused by digital meters or other IOT devices.

The future of the enterprise IT landscape will look different. As those new technologies compromise on some of the essential transactional properties to enable their scale, a clear split between transactional and computational systems will arise. A CRM or ERP system will still process your enterprise’s business transactions, but will leverage integrated data processing systems to give them speed and efficiency when needed.

On top of this philosophy, Gorilla is built. Going hand in hand with your current CRM or ERP system, it unburdens the latter from large data calculations. It’s an engine built on top of the latest and greatest cloud and data engineering technology, enabling utility suppliers to speed up complex pricing, forecasting or reporting calculations.

Europe’s largest utility suppliers are adopting Gorilla to stay ahead of the curve. Are you staying behind?

Welcome to the age of data!

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